Are Chameleons Cool or Posers??

I, Dr. Anne Enna, am conducting a scientific experiment and the question is "Are Chameleons Cool or Posers?". i ask this because they "blend in" with their environment instead of showing their true colors (i know, i am not funny), according to common knowledge. the Hypothesis is
yes, they are posers, but when they Pose, they know how to do it. At, least original in style of Posing. YAY! no." to see if i am right or wrong, i did some research:
 I am sure all of you have an average understanding of the Chameleon lizards or any other reptiles that change the color of their skin. I am giving a brief summary: They are small or medium sized, move slowly, have sticky tongues to eat insects with, and the ones in amercia that are mistaking for chameleons are color-changing iguanas. The Chameleons' ability to change color is "under hormonal and nervous control". The color that it changes to depends on light and climate, and emotion, so it can be compared to the common mood ring. It doesnt change color to blend into it's background, but that can be the case. they use this color-changing to attract mates and to defend themselves, therefore they are a attractive color with the females and a scared or blendy color when it comes to threatening animals. So with all my research in mind I, Dr. Enna Anne or was it Dr. Anne Enna, what ever, same difference, will conclude. Chameleons have an awesome natural ability to change color. And it is so admired by me and my colleagues(there are none). Though not when it is used to, how do you say, "Social-Climb", though the nearest a chameleon gets to social climbing is trying to attract mates and I do not condemn that behavior. I have found that change according to mood, therefore do express themselves in appearance. The purpose, among other things, is not to simply "blend in". All uses for this color-changing are respected and understood. So i say that 1, Common knowledge has been proved wrong on several cases today and 2, My hypothesis is wrong. Chameleons are really great and my desire to be one has been justified.
Thank you for joining, my esteemed readers, on this most excellent experiment.

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