Makeup Contest for xsparkage

I entered Xsparkage youtube make up contest. The theme was to do a look based on your favorite kid show. Mine is the Smurfs. The restrictions limited me to only making a minute long video so i am posting to add just a little more detail. i suggest you watch the video first.
Background information about Smurfs
The Smurfs were created by Peyo, a French cartoonist in the early 50s but were not made into a TV show until the early 80's. 
In the following photos and the video, i decided to have my hair in braids because Sassette Smurf is also a redhead and wears her hair in braids.
I have been a fan of the Smurfs for about 3 years, since they were cancelled by the time I was a kid I did not hear about them until I had pretty much outgrown that phase.
The following halloween I was a female smurf.
and I recently bought a smurf skirt.
Leesha of xsparkage asked for us to do a wearable look, and of course, I wanted to make my whole skin blue or something. But I found an alternative, on one side of my face, I did a more wearable look and on the other, a bit more crazy.
I would just like to go into more detail about what I did
for this side of my face, I used all eye color and highlight, as I did for the rest of my face, from my 120 Manly eyeshadow palette from ebay  
I used this color (the circled one) on my lid wet.
it is the more blue toned mixed color one in the first row. I wanted a higher concentration of this and that is why I wet it, then I blended out more of this color, but dry, onto my temple and underneath my eye. I also put a false eyelash on. On both eyes I used a white eyeliner to open my eyes. I used the same highlight color
found on the top palette, through my eyes and cheeks for both sides of the face. On both I did not want to add a crease because don't think it would be smurfy and it would be too dramatic for both eyes. I also did not want to use eyeliner for the same reason, so I used dry shadow on my lashline.
on my other eye  
I used this color (found on the top palette)
on my lid lightly and did my highlight, with the same color as I said previously, but more white. I dragged the color underneath the eye a bit. The rest is the same. 
I used my covergirl lash blast luxe in Black Royale on each eye to give my lashes a blue ish tint.
For my cheeks and face
These two pinks I used as blusher, the lighter is Maybelline's Mineral Power Blush in gentle pink II. The other two colors are my concealer, True Match by L'oreal W-1, and Revlon's ColorStay matte mousse foundation in 020, which i like so much more than the previous foundation I was using, L'Oreal True Match in porcelain. I think that this gives a much better finish and my concealer even goes on top of it better. The lower skin swatch on my hand is the mousse foundation and the other my concealer. On each cheek I had the same highlight color, but more subtle on the left side. On the left cheek I just used the lighter blush lightly. On the right cheek, I used a the darker pink in a circle, but did not make the circle ubber obvious. After that, I used the Maybelline color it on top because I am smurfy like that and it just made it brighter.
I used an orange toned almost grapefruity pink on my lips in almost a bow lip shape lip. I used a concealer stick on the corners of my lips, I like to use them when I nude my lips because they do not move much. This one in particular is a bit dark so i put my normal concealer over top. I used invisible lipliner all over my lips so that my concealer and lip color would not blend.
I think that since Smurfs are cartoons, you can relate them to dolls. In light of that I made my lips and right cheek bright and doll shaped. 
White Flower
Vanity Smurf was famous for loving himself and wearing a pink flower in his hat. The Smurfs, expect for Papa Smurf, wear white. So I made a white flower with a pink center. I just used white eyeliner and red lipliner. I wanted to make it sparkly so i used so wet n' wild iridescent sparkles and the cream of the liners held it on. 
Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks so much for hosting the contest, xsparkage, I loved participating. 
link to the video is in the links to the post


1st MAC Product

Yes, i have a thing for makeup and i just got my first MAC product in the mail for my BIRTHDAY.
My golden birthday just happened last Thursday (you do the math). 
I do happen to really like makeup, especially because i find that my face is naturally very undefined and makeup defines it and you can create whatever you want with it. Though i have only been so into it for four-ish months, i find i am pretty avid. It's fun.
For a while, i have been desperate to get some proper makeup from designer stores, so i thought "Why not see if they have some on ebay?" because ebay is my go to place for anything that I desire, like lederhosen. And they do have good makeup on ebay, for instance i got an Estee Lauder Horoscope compact(it's my sign too, math people). I have especially been desperate for something from MAC, I decided to look up one of the world's best eyeliners, fluidline. It is a gel and everyone I know about raves about it, so I thought "it can't be a complete waste of my money and an excuse to get something from MAC." I bought it in blacktrack(black) and I have used it several times.
The product is really smooth and lasts well on my upper lash line, sadly my formula is not waterproof though(I would be surprised if there was one), so it takes a little wear 'n' tear on the waterline. Gels are probably my new favorite formula, easier to maneuver than liquids and better color pay off than creams. Favorite LINER!!! <3>


Our Brains

Our brains, when we are in the 6th grade (ages 11-12 to be spefic), "work" half the of the amount that a fully developed adult brain works. The brain does not fully work until age 15, I believe. At first, I was joking when I thought "that explains 6th grade through now time period so well", but it truthfully does, which is creepy. Now, being an 8th grader, when I think back on 6th grade-to birth, it explains all the hazy, "why did I do that", "my god I hate my former 4th grade self so much", "My memory is terrible" feelings that so often take place when thinking back. Also, all those really, really, stupid things your peers did. 
Also, how my brain works I can tell has changed a lot, for instance, I could probably learn a whole chapter in my math text book in a week and 1/2, study, and take a test fairly confidently now, though during 5th grade that would have taken at least a month. It also explains why I feel as though the only things I learned prior to the second half of 6th grade were  1. how to read 2. basic math 3. America used to be a colony ruled by England 4. Isaac Newton discovered gravity 5. How to sing What a Beautiful World Louis Armstrong style 6. My home address, I can't even remember mine from nursery to 2nd grade. From 2nd to 5th grade, my life was just breathing it seems now when I think about it. In fact, my current math teacher, who I like and trust and told me this, says that she has to be conscious of the fact that i only have 2/3 of my brain working or however much. 
As disappointed and weirded out as I am, I am glad that my brain has not reached its full capacity and am glad that I will have the power to be so much smarter and awe people so much more. The thing is, a lot of the time, I really do not try to awe people. For instance, I know now that I have closer to a full brain than half a brain, and when I only had half, I was much louder believe it or not. Now, I still the ability to laugh way to loud and get over excited, but not as much general loudmouth where my body couldn't understand how to have an "inside voice", I do not think my father does either, so I blame him. Now, I don't feel so bad amount putting the antenna of a remote to one of those remote control toy cars in an electrical socket when I was 4, maybe I do cuz it worried my parents alot. 


Do not Depend on things you have no relationship with

Bob Dylan Goes Electric
Bing Corsby Might have been an Abuser
Lewis Carroll is suspected of being a paedophile
Christian Bale freaks out
Marilyn Monroe dead of a Drug Over Dose
Elvis Presley was a Drug Addict
H.P Lovecraft was a Nativist and opposed immigration
Chris Brown may have beat up Rihanna
Leonardo da Vinci may have been Homosexual
Truman Capote was a Homosexual
These people are artists, famous artists and many people love their work, but can we judge them on what they choose to do? So many people think "this is person is a total jerk, so I am not supporting them". But, is it right to judge an artist on what they do and their personal life? Shouldn't the only thing that matters be whether or not you enjoy their work? Who says that we can judge these people? Because they are famous and influence us? So, an not famous artist should not be judged? Because some artists do wrong and they do not deserve anything? Some of these people were frowned upon, not because they were horrible necessarily , but because people didn't approve of a direction they were headed with their work, like Bob Dylan. Some of these people were disapproved of because of the way they were such Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson), who never laid a hand on a child, or H.P. Lovecraft.
Artist are not product, they are complex people like everyone else and the public has no control over what he or she does. So, why are we so judgmental? If Monet wanted to stop painting hay stacks and lillypads and start painting in a surrealistic way, before the style was accepted, would people not like his work at least until the surrealism popped up? The way artists work is a lot the time loved or hated, so it's tricky to see how people will react when an artists changes. It's theirs and we have no control over it and maybe we shouldn't get mad if they do something we don't like. They decide what their work is.
What about their conduct? If they do something horrible, surely we can't approve of it really. And if kids look up to this person, then maybe they should stop; it's not the person's fault their mistakes develop on someone's kids. If Obama is weirdly associated with a whole bunch of controversial people, then who says he approves of their conduct? It's not our business what they do and their personal life and work is different. So why should we be so against an artist?
I understand why people get upset when an artist you like does something that seems so against their message or that you hate. All of a sudden, you realize that they are a person and not the person who you think when you look at a purse they designed and think "oh, how I how love to have that talent/to be them." Every time I think something of this nature happens I must remember "So what if I don't like them as a person, I can still appreciate their work and there is nothing wrong with that." We must get over it, though we might not want to. We may not want to be best friends with them, though we can love their work, and maybe they are just to jerk-ish, or whatever, to want to be best friends with you.


Practically Imperfect in Every Way

At the end of every different gym sport unit that my class finishes, there is a test. To say the least, whoever invented gym tests is not the cleverest. Though if you score well, then it can help your GPA. No one studies for something as preposterous as a gym test or 
even has to for these tests, including me, it is not necessary. They are not taken seriously at all in
case I haven't been blunt enough.As I was finishing this test, noticed a question that for 
once, made me think. At the end they always have the ignorant, repeated-on-every-test 
questions, a good example is
"Where do you change? A) In the gym.
B) In my locker. C) I don't understand this question.". 
The question, which I had seen before that day, was 
"Fitness is being healthy psychically, socially
, mentally and emotionally. True or False"
I realized just before completing filling my graphite "A" for true, that I am not psychically, 
socially, mentally, or emotionally healthy, I am not "fit" at all. 
The rest of my day was just a bit worse; things seem to always be piling up on me, making 
my day a little bit worse.


Masks are Liberating

Masks have been used in many places, in religion, theatre, sport (for fun i.e. halloween), robberies, people being crazy, balls, festivals, self-expression or the opposite, to concealment. Greeks were one of the first people to have theatres. It could be law for EVERYONE to see a play, therefore the stadium was enormous, and in order for the actors to be seen and heard, they used masks. Now if any of u have ever been to a production and had to sit WAY UP on the highest mezzanine (balcony) in the back, u know how terrible it is to try to tell actor's facial expressions and u miss half the jokes. so u buy opera glasses so u can continue being a cheapskate and sit way back. The greeks used masks to display characters general emotions and also had mini-cone shaped things inside the mask to project their voices, like a mega phone. just a little random history....... Now if any of u know, cuz i get SO many readers for my MILLION blogs (haha) and people stalk me like John Lennon, i was V from V for Vendetta last Halloween. He wears a Guy Fawkes mask, i still don't understand why there is such a thing as a Guy Fawkes Mask, even after my extensive research, i get the whole Guy Fawkes thing, just not the mask. Any english people know? The mask has a huge, smile and happy facial expression, though it is joker-creepy. I walked down the "main street" in my sad 'burb and many people were walking and driving by. It was an interesting experience, i was in full costume, gloves, hat, died hair, converse (black), the boots were hard to find, black bed sheet-cape, dress pants and shirt, but no ninja knives sadly. people stopped while driving and screamed things at me, it was creepy. a couple guys i thought were gonna jump me and my friend, thank god i looked scary, or else we would have been. I think shopkeepers thought i would rob them. and i glared at people, to state the obvious, i was the spectacle of the street. No one knew anything about me age, gender (how sad), name, facial expression, voice. my friend could hardly understand me in that mask, and i don't think anyone but her would waste the time trying to. What was the absolute BEST THING in the world about it was, regardless that my mask was smiling, when people passed, glared or smiling, i realized i didnt have to smile back. i could role my eyes and say 'f**k u' and they couldnt tell a damn thing!!! I didn't have any obligation WHAT SO EVER. i wasn't some weird, young girl walking down the street with red hair, i was that "weird thing everyone is wondering if it will kill them if they stare to long at, or recite "Remember the 5th of November"." With masks, u can be and do whatever u want on the "inside" and out, not that i believe in putting on facades on a day-to-day basis. but seriously it was astounding, mainly fun. i could do whatever i wanted and no one would know. the most liberating thing ever. i could get up and recite Shakespeare, though mumbling through a mask, but i still could do it. I wish i could wear my mask to school.
 picture by Miskis of deviantart



i was talking to my mother about some plans i have during march, then i mentioned friday, march 13th and i said "that must be the wrong date, no such thing as two friday the thirteenths a year." She then told me that since february is a perfect 4 weeks that march has the same dates as it. so good news world, we get to suffer through another one of these babies!!! 
you may be expecting another one of these lists. i wonder what happened on my last double friday the 13th, i must have been 5 or so. Sorry to tell you this. 
picture from markd200 of deviantart


Are Chameleons Cool or Posers??

I, Dr. Anne Enna, am conducting a scientific experiment and the question is "Are Chameleons Cool or Posers?". i ask this because they "blend in" with their environment instead of showing their true colors (i know, i am not funny), according to common knowledge. the Hypothesis is
yes, they are posers, but when they Pose, they know how to do it. At, least original in style of Posing. YAY! no." to see if i am right or wrong, i did some research:
 I am sure all of you have an average understanding of the Chameleon lizards or any other reptiles that change the color of their skin. I am giving a brief summary: They are small or medium sized, move slowly, have sticky tongues to eat insects with, and the ones in amercia that are mistaking for chameleons are color-changing iguanas. The Chameleons' ability to change color is "under hormonal and nervous control". The color that it changes to depends on light and climate, and emotion, so it can be compared to the common mood ring. It doesnt change color to blend into it's background, but that can be the case. they use this color-changing to attract mates and to defend themselves, therefore they are a attractive color with the females and a scared or blendy color when it comes to threatening animals. So with all my research in mind I, Dr. Enna Anne or was it Dr. Anne Enna, what ever, same difference, will conclude. Chameleons have an awesome natural ability to change color. And it is so admired by me and my colleagues(there are none). Though not when it is used to, how do you say, "Social-Climb", though the nearest a chameleon gets to social climbing is trying to attract mates and I do not condemn that behavior. I have found that change according to mood, therefore do express themselves in appearance. The purpose, among other things, is not to simply "blend in". All uses for this color-changing are respected and understood. So i say that 1, Common knowledge has been proved wrong on several cases today and 2, My hypothesis is wrong. Chameleons are really great and my desire to be one has been justified.
Thank you for joining, my esteemed readers, on this most excellent experiment.

victim.of.fate Reasons Why Friday the 13th has Sucked so Far

Normally on this day, it sucks so of recent years, i have been making a "Ominous or Bad occurrences on Friday the Thirteenth" it started 3 years ago when a) my day sucked anyways b) we were taking polaroids in class and this girl's picture had a creepy green color on part of her picture, some weird developing thing i guess. the last 2 years i took the liberty of writing them in the front of my school planner. one of those times i had 13th things, but i was feeling SO depressed that day i could have been feeling sorry for myself.
This friday the thirteenth horrid-ness has bleed into yesterday, and i do not want to imagine tomorrow. its not the moon either, i just suck. for reasons such anyone that reads this blog may know me, i am not going to list every little, depressing, self-centered detail. Things are a little sucky with my life in general right. one is that of grades and school work, which gave me sleep depravation which is making me go CRAZY! i just had these conferences at school where your parents come, teachers are there, and then you cry unless you are awesome, once i cried for no reason, thats how used to it i am. 
this happened yesterday and then craziness at my house after, homework craziness. so i my friday the thirteenth ruined my thursday the 12th
LIST so far
1. woke up this morning, decided i couldnt finish a book for a book report and tried to use wikipedia to save me cuz it was a autobiography
2. had to dress in the first thing i saw(didnt kill me)
3. late to school, but it was ok cuz i was excused
4. teacher that needed the book report (which i half-assed a bit) computer wasnt letting my paper print, dell-mac and my computer cant print. so yeah, i spent a long time trying to read when i could have done a shit load of stuff i needed to do
5. math class we had a surprise kinda math chapter test, which are the big ones, and i didnt know!!!! and then since i am depressed AND ultra-sleep deprived i was blanking out and making this faces that you see in movies when the really fucked-up guy cries. and my teacher was pretty much said "no you cant take time out of your free time to finish this"
6. i was so depressed and sleep deprived i continued going crazy, if this continues, my brain will suffer
7. i was so no happy and fed up that i went straight forgetting that i had a rehearsal after my school that ended early. i can imagine how they are going to bitch at me, especially one cast member who loves to hate on me anyways
8. i had to do a project for god knows how many hours and i still have to finish it tomorrow, what is wrong with me? stupid question. i have been working on it from early this afternoon to late at night.
9. randomly unlucky occurrence, i really wanted to play a song on the piano and after triple checking every where in my house, the song book was NOT to be found. i guess something has a thing against olivier.
10. i heard a really creepy, musical, low "hello" sound randomly. i really need my psychic friend to come over and find out all the creepy things in my house.
sums up my day. it seems lame, CUZ IT WAS. i wish i was somewhere out of my house so i could have witnessed a creepy thing for nobody to read about
i dont expect anyone to say "poor anne" but this is tradition and you can't lose something on the internet