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I entered Xsparkage youtube make up contest. The theme was to do a look based on your favorite kid show. Mine is the Smurfs. The restrictions limited me to only making a minute long video so i am posting to add just a little more detail. i suggest you watch the video first.
Background information about Smurfs
The Smurfs were created by Peyo, a French cartoonist in the early 50s but were not made into a TV show until the early 80's. 
In the following photos and the video, i decided to have my hair in braids because Sassette Smurf is also a redhead and wears her hair in braids.
I have been a fan of the Smurfs for about 3 years, since they were cancelled by the time I was a kid I did not hear about them until I had pretty much outgrown that phase.
The following halloween I was a female smurf.
and I recently bought a smurf skirt.
Leesha of xsparkage asked for us to do a wearable look, and of course, I wanted to make my whole skin blue or something. But I found an alternative, on one side of my face, I did a more wearable look and on the other, a bit more crazy.
I would just like to go into more detail about what I did
for this side of my face, I used all eye color and highlight, as I did for the rest of my face, from my 120 Manly eyeshadow palette from ebay  
I used this color (the circled one) on my lid wet.
it is the more blue toned mixed color one in the first row. I wanted a higher concentration of this and that is why I wet it, then I blended out more of this color, but dry, onto my temple and underneath my eye. I also put a false eyelash on. On both eyes I used a white eyeliner to open my eyes. I used the same highlight color
found on the top palette, through my eyes and cheeks for both sides of the face. On both I did not want to add a crease because don't think it would be smurfy and it would be too dramatic for both eyes. I also did not want to use eyeliner for the same reason, so I used dry shadow on my lashline.
on my other eye  
I used this color (found on the top palette)
on my lid lightly and did my highlight, with the same color as I said previously, but more white. I dragged the color underneath the eye a bit. The rest is the same. 
I used my covergirl lash blast luxe in Black Royale on each eye to give my lashes a blue ish tint.
For my cheeks and face
These two pinks I used as blusher, the lighter is Maybelline's Mineral Power Blush in gentle pink II. The other two colors are my concealer, True Match by L'oreal W-1, and Revlon's ColorStay matte mousse foundation in 020, which i like so much more than the previous foundation I was using, L'Oreal True Match in porcelain. I think that this gives a much better finish and my concealer even goes on top of it better. The lower skin swatch on my hand is the mousse foundation and the other my concealer. On each cheek I had the same highlight color, but more subtle on the left side. On the left cheek I just used the lighter blush lightly. On the right cheek, I used a the darker pink in a circle, but did not make the circle ubber obvious. After that, I used the Maybelline color it on top because I am smurfy like that and it just made it brighter.
I used an orange toned almost grapefruity pink on my lips in almost a bow lip shape lip. I used a concealer stick on the corners of my lips, I like to use them when I nude my lips because they do not move much. This one in particular is a bit dark so i put my normal concealer over top. I used invisible lipliner all over my lips so that my concealer and lip color would not blend.
I think that since Smurfs are cartoons, you can relate them to dolls. In light of that I made my lips and right cheek bright and doll shaped. 
White Flower
Vanity Smurf was famous for loving himself and wearing a pink flower in his hat. The Smurfs, expect for Papa Smurf, wear white. So I made a white flower with a pink center. I just used white eyeliner and red lipliner. I wanted to make it sparkly so i used so wet n' wild iridescent sparkles and the cream of the liners held it on. 
Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks so much for hosting the contest, xsparkage, I loved participating. 
link to the video is in the links to the post

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