1st MAC Product

Yes, i have a thing for makeup and i just got my first MAC product in the mail for my BIRTHDAY.
My golden birthday just happened last Thursday (you do the math). 
I do happen to really like makeup, especially because i find that my face is naturally very undefined and makeup defines it and you can create whatever you want with it. Though i have only been so into it for four-ish months, i find i am pretty avid. It's fun.
For a while, i have been desperate to get some proper makeup from designer stores, so i thought "Why not see if they have some on ebay?" because ebay is my go to place for anything that I desire, like lederhosen. And they do have good makeup on ebay, for instance i got an Estee Lauder Horoscope compact(it's my sign too, math people). I have especially been desperate for something from MAC, I decided to look up one of the world's best eyeliners, fluidline. It is a gel and everyone I know about raves about it, so I thought "it can't be a complete waste of my money and an excuse to get something from MAC." I bought it in blacktrack(black) and I have used it several times.
The product is really smooth and lasts well on my upper lash line, sadly my formula is not waterproof though(I would be surprised if there was one), so it takes a little wear 'n' tear on the waterline. Gels are probably my new favorite formula, easier to maneuver than liquids and better color pay off than creams. Favorite LINER!!! <3>

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