Our Brains

Our brains, when we are in the 6th grade (ages 11-12 to be spefic), "work" half the of the amount that a fully developed adult brain works. The brain does not fully work until age 15, I believe. At first, I was joking when I thought "that explains 6th grade through now time period so well", but it truthfully does, which is creepy. Now, being an 8th grader, when I think back on 6th grade-to birth, it explains all the hazy, "why did I do that", "my god I hate my former 4th grade self so much", "My memory is terrible" feelings that so often take place when thinking back. Also, all those really, really, stupid things your peers did. 
Also, how my brain works I can tell has changed a lot, for instance, I could probably learn a whole chapter in my math text book in a week and 1/2, study, and take a test fairly confidently now, though during 5th grade that would have taken at least a month. It also explains why I feel as though the only things I learned prior to the second half of 6th grade were  1. how to read 2. basic math 3. America used to be a colony ruled by England 4. Isaac Newton discovered gravity 5. How to sing What a Beautiful World Louis Armstrong style 6. My home address, I can't even remember mine from nursery to 2nd grade. From 2nd to 5th grade, my life was just breathing it seems now when I think about it. In fact, my current math teacher, who I like and trust and told me this, says that she has to be conscious of the fact that i only have 2/3 of my brain working or however much. 
As disappointed and weirded out as I am, I am glad that my brain has not reached its full capacity and am glad that I will have the power to be so much smarter and awe people so much more. The thing is, a lot of the time, I really do not try to awe people. For instance, I know now that I have closer to a full brain than half a brain, and when I only had half, I was much louder believe it or not. Now, I still the ability to laugh way to loud and get over excited, but not as much general loudmouth where my body couldn't understand how to have an "inside voice", I do not think my father does either, so I blame him. Now, I don't feel so bad amount putting the antenna of a remote to one of those remote control toy cars in an electrical socket when I was 4, maybe I do cuz it worried my parents alot. 

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