Do not Depend on things you have no relationship with

Bob Dylan Goes Electric
Bing Corsby Might have been an Abuser
Lewis Carroll is suspected of being a paedophile
Christian Bale freaks out
Marilyn Monroe dead of a Drug Over Dose
Elvis Presley was a Drug Addict
H.P Lovecraft was a Nativist and opposed immigration
Chris Brown may have beat up Rihanna
Leonardo da Vinci may have been Homosexual
Truman Capote was a Homosexual
These people are artists, famous artists and many people love their work, but can we judge them on what they choose to do? So many people think "this is person is a total jerk, so I am not supporting them". But, is it right to judge an artist on what they do and their personal life? Shouldn't the only thing that matters be whether or not you enjoy their work? Who says that we can judge these people? Because they are famous and influence us? So, an not famous artist should not be judged? Because some artists do wrong and they do not deserve anything? Some of these people were frowned upon, not because they were horrible necessarily , but because people didn't approve of a direction they were headed with their work, like Bob Dylan. Some of these people were disapproved of because of the way they were such Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson), who never laid a hand on a child, or H.P. Lovecraft.
Artist are not product, they are complex people like everyone else and the public has no control over what he or she does. So, why are we so judgmental? If Monet wanted to stop painting hay stacks and lillypads and start painting in a surrealistic way, before the style was accepted, would people not like his work at least until the surrealism popped up? The way artists work is a lot the time loved or hated, so it's tricky to see how people will react when an artists changes. It's theirs and we have no control over it and maybe we shouldn't get mad if they do something we don't like. They decide what their work is.
What about their conduct? If they do something horrible, surely we can't approve of it really. And if kids look up to this person, then maybe they should stop; it's not the person's fault their mistakes develop on someone's kids. If Obama is weirdly associated with a whole bunch of controversial people, then who says he approves of their conduct? It's not our business what they do and their personal life and work is different. So why should we be so against an artist?
I understand why people get upset when an artist you like does something that seems so against their message or that you hate. All of a sudden, you realize that they are a person and not the person who you think when you look at a purse they designed and think "oh, how I how love to have that talent/to be them." Every time I think something of this nature happens I must remember "So what if I don't like them as a person, I can still appreciate their work and there is nothing wrong with that." We must get over it, though we might not want to. We may not want to be best friends with them, though we can love their work, and maybe they are just to jerk-ish, or whatever, to want to be best friends with you.

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