Practically Imperfect in Every Way

At the end of every different gym sport unit that my class finishes, there is a test. To say the least, whoever invented gym tests is not the cleverest. Though if you score well, then it can help your GPA. No one studies for something as preposterous as a gym test or 
even has to for these tests, including me, it is not necessary. They are not taken seriously at all in
case I haven't been blunt enough.As I was finishing this test, noticed a question that for 
once, made me think. At the end they always have the ignorant, repeated-on-every-test 
questions, a good example is
"Where do you change? A) In the gym.
B) In my locker. C) I don't understand this question.". 
The question, which I had seen before that day, was 
"Fitness is being healthy psychically, socially
, mentally and emotionally. True or False"
I realized just before completing filling my graphite "A" for true, that I am not psychically, 
socially, mentally, or emotionally healthy, I am not "fit" at all. 
The rest of my day was just a bit worse; things seem to always be piling up on me, making 
my day a little bit worse.

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