Masks are Liberating

Masks have been used in many places, in religion, theatre, sport (for fun i.e. halloween), robberies, people being crazy, balls, festivals, self-expression or the opposite, to concealment. Greeks were one of the first people to have theatres. It could be law for EVERYONE to see a play, therefore the stadium was enormous, and in order for the actors to be seen and heard, they used masks. Now if any of u have ever been to a production and had to sit WAY UP on the highest mezzanine (balcony) in the back, u know how terrible it is to try to tell actor's facial expressions and u miss half the jokes. so u buy opera glasses so u can continue being a cheapskate and sit way back. The greeks used masks to display characters general emotions and also had mini-cone shaped things inside the mask to project their voices, like a mega phone. just a little random history....... Now if any of u know, cuz i get SO many readers for my MILLION blogs (haha) and people stalk me like John Lennon, i was V from V for Vendetta last Halloween. He wears a Guy Fawkes mask, i still don't understand why there is such a thing as a Guy Fawkes Mask, even after my extensive research, i get the whole Guy Fawkes thing, just not the mask. Any english people know? The mask has a huge, smile and happy facial expression, though it is joker-creepy. I walked down the "main street" in my sad 'burb and many people were walking and driving by. It was an interesting experience, i was in full costume, gloves, hat, died hair, converse (black), the boots were hard to find, black bed sheet-cape, dress pants and shirt, but no ninja knives sadly. people stopped while driving and screamed things at me, it was creepy. a couple guys i thought were gonna jump me and my friend, thank god i looked scary, or else we would have been. I think shopkeepers thought i would rob them. and i glared at people, to state the obvious, i was the spectacle of the street. No one knew anything about me age, gender (how sad), name, facial expression, voice. my friend could hardly understand me in that mask, and i don't think anyone but her would waste the time trying to. What was the absolute BEST THING in the world about it was, regardless that my mask was smiling, when people passed, glared or smiling, i realized i didnt have to smile back. i could role my eyes and say 'f**k u' and they couldnt tell a damn thing!!! I didn't have any obligation WHAT SO EVER. i wasn't some weird, young girl walking down the street with red hair, i was that "weird thing everyone is wondering if it will kill them if they stare to long at, or recite "Remember the 5th of November"." With masks, u can be and do whatever u want on the "inside" and out, not that i believe in putting on facades on a day-to-day basis. but seriously it was astounding, mainly fun. i could do whatever i wanted and no one would know. the most liberating thing ever. i could get up and recite Shakespeare, though mumbling through a mask, but i still could do it. I wish i could wear my mask to school.
 picture by Miskis of deviantart

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