victim.of.fate Reasons Why Friday the 13th has Sucked so Far

Normally on this day, it sucks so of recent years, i have been making a "Ominous or Bad occurrences on Friday the Thirteenth" it started 3 years ago when a) my day sucked anyways b) we were taking polaroids in class and this girl's picture had a creepy green color on part of her picture, some weird developing thing i guess. the last 2 years i took the liberty of writing them in the front of my school planner. one of those times i had 13th things, but i was feeling SO depressed that day i could have been feeling sorry for myself.
This friday the thirteenth horrid-ness has bleed into yesterday, and i do not want to imagine tomorrow. its not the moon either, i just suck. for reasons such anyone that reads this blog may know me, i am not going to list every little, depressing, self-centered detail. Things are a little sucky with my life in general right. one is that of grades and school work, which gave me sleep depravation which is making me go CRAZY! i just had these conferences at school where your parents come, teachers are there, and then you cry unless you are awesome, once i cried for no reason, thats how used to it i am. 
this happened yesterday and then craziness at my house after, homework craziness. so i my friday the thirteenth ruined my thursday the 12th
LIST so far
1. woke up this morning, decided i couldnt finish a book for a book report and tried to use wikipedia to save me cuz it was a autobiography
2. had to dress in the first thing i saw(didnt kill me)
3. late to school, but it was ok cuz i was excused
4. teacher that needed the book report (which i half-assed a bit) computer wasnt letting my paper print, dell-mac and my computer cant print. so yeah, i spent a long time trying to read when i could have done a shit load of stuff i needed to do
5. math class we had a surprise kinda math chapter test, which are the big ones, and i didnt know!!!! and then since i am depressed AND ultra-sleep deprived i was blanking out and making this faces that you see in movies when the really fucked-up guy cries. and my teacher was pretty much said "no you cant take time out of your free time to finish this"
6. i was so depressed and sleep deprived i continued going crazy, if this continues, my brain will suffer
7. i was so no happy and fed up that i went straight forgetting that i had a rehearsal after my school that ended early. i can imagine how they are going to bitch at me, especially one cast member who loves to hate on me anyways
8. i had to do a project for god knows how many hours and i still have to finish it tomorrow, what is wrong with me? stupid question. i have been working on it from early this afternoon to late at night.
9. randomly unlucky occurrence, i really wanted to play a song on the piano and after triple checking every where in my house, the song book was NOT to be found. i guess something has a thing against olivier.
10. i heard a really creepy, musical, low "hello" sound randomly. i really need my psychic friend to come over and find out all the creepy things in my house.
sums up my day. it seems lame, CUZ IT WAS. i wish i was somewhere out of my house so i could have witnessed a creepy thing for nobody to read about
i dont expect anyone to say "poor anne" but this is tradition and you can't lose something on the internet