Art and Maturity

I  have been thinking, which always really depresses me or makes me happy,(note normally the former happens). i feel enlightened afterward even if i continue thinking about it sometime later and realize my conclusion is wrong.
i am just a young teenager and don't expect to blow anyone's mind EVER, including my own. but i was going through a rough time, still am, and whenever that happens to me, i feel so much younger. i think it gives everyone a reality check when something bad happens to them. and i realized that i can understand, love, know, even make art, but the art does not mature, or make an adult of, me, but that art is more a product of the maturing, for lack of a better phrase. the latter concept is not quiet as new. but if art did make me SO much older, i should be like a fifty year old by now. in some respects art has made me grow and mature a bit, but i can not do all those things adults do. i can not have a family of my own and know how to care for them, i can not go through a divorce or have a death of someone close to me. 
picture from er0k of deviantart

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